Flipping a Part

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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A graphical representation of a part that has been flipped manually by the machinist is depicted by adding the following comments to the program following an M00.

Flipped Part Setup Screen

O00000 ;
[Code for first operation of Live Image] ;
[Code for first operation of machined part] ;
M00 ;
G20 (INCH MODE) (Start of Live Image Information for flipped part) ;
(CLAMP) ([2.000, 3.0000]) ([Diameter, Length]) (End of Live Image Information flipped part) ;
M01 ;
[Part Program for the second operation] ;
  1. Press F4 to enter Live Image code to the program.
  2. Live Image redraws the part with a flipped orientation, and with the chuck jaws clamped at a position specified by x and y within the comment (CLAMP)(x y) if the comments (FLIP PART) and (CLAMP)(x y) follow the M00 (stop program) instruction in the program.

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