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Classic Control - Mill Operator's Manual

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This command searches the current program for specific text or program, and replaces each occurrence (or all) with different text.

  1. Press F1. Select the FIND AND REPLACE TEXT command in the SEARCH pop-up menu category.
  2. Type your search term.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Type the text with which you want to replace the search term.
  5. Press ENTER.
  6. Press F to search for the text below the cursor position. Press B to search above the cursor position.
  7. When the control finds each occurrence of the search term, it gives the prompt Replace (Yes/No/All/Cancel)?. Type the first letter of your choice to continue.

    If you choose Yes or No, the editor will execute your choice and move to the next occurrence of the search term.

    Choose All to automatically replace all occurrences of the search term.

    Choose Cancel to back out of the function without making changes (text already replaced will remain so if you choose this option).

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