Fanuc-Style Macros Not Included

Classic Control - Mill Operator's Manual

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This section lists the FANUC macro features that are not available on the Haas control.

M Aliasing Replace G65 Pnnnn with Mnn PROGS 9020-9029.

G66 Modal call in every motion block
G66.1 Modal call in every motion block
G67 Modal cancel
M98 Aliasing, T code PROG 9000, VAR #149, enable bit
M98 Aliasing, B Code PROG 9028, VAR #146, enable bit
SKIP/N N=1..9
#3007 Mirror image on flag each axis
#4201-#4320 Current block modal data
#5101-#5106 Current servo deviation

Names for Variables for Display Purposes:

ATAN [ ]/[ ] Arctangent, FANUC version
BIN [ ] Conversion from BCD TO BIN
BCD [ ] Conversion from BIN TO BCD
FUP [ ] Truncate fraction ceiling
LN [ ] Natural logarithm
EXP [ ] Base E Exponentiation
ADP [ ] Re-Scale variable to whole number
BPRNT [ ]  

Searching for a block to jump in the negative direction, i.e. backwards through a program, is not necessary if you use unique N address codes.

A block search is made starting from the current block being interpreted. When the end of the program is reached, searching continues from the top of the program until the current block is encountered.

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