Engraving Special Characters

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Engraving Special Characters involves using G47 with specific P values (G47 P32-126).

P- values to engrave specific characters

G47 P Values for Special Characters

32   space 59 ; semicolon
33 ! exclamation mark 60 < less than
34 " double quotation mark 61 = equals
35 # number sign 62 > greater than
36 $ dollar sign 63 ? question mark
37 % percent sign 64 @ at sign
38 & ampersand 65-90 A-Z capitol letters
39 closed single quote 91 [ open square bracket
40 ( open parenthesis 92 \ backslash
41 ) close parenthesis 93 ] closed square bracket
42 * asterisk 94 ^ carrot
43 + plus sign 95 _ underscore
44 , comma 96 open single quote
45 - minus sign 97-122 a-z lowercase letters
46 . period 123 { open curly bracket
47 / slash 124 | vertical bar
48-57 0-9 numbers 125 } closed curly bracket
58 : colon 126 ~ tilde


To engrave $2.00, you need (2) blocks of code. The first block uses a P36 to engrave the dollar sign ($), and the second block uses P0 (2.00).

note: Shift the X/Y start location between the first and second line of code to make a space between the dollar sign and the 2.

This is the only method to engrave parenthesis ().

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