Effective Coordinate System

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The effective coordinate system is the sum total of all coordinate systems and offsets in effect. It is the system that is displayed under the label Work G54 on the Position display. It is also the same as the programmed values in a G code program assuming no Tool Nose Compensation is being performed. Effective Coordinate = global coordinate + common coordinate + work coordinate + child coordinate + tool offsets.

FANUC Work Coordinate Systems - Work coordinates are an additional optional coordinate shift relative to the global coordinate system. There are 105 work coordinate systems available on a Haas control, designated G54 through G59 and G154 P1 through G154 P99. G54 is the work coordinate in effect when the control is powered on. The last used work coordinate stays in effect until another work coordinate is used or the machine is powered off. G54 can be deselected by ensuring that the X and Z values on the work offset page for G54 are set to zero.

FANUC Child Coordinate System - A child coordinate is a coordinate system within a work coordinate. Only one child coordinate system is available and it is set through the G52 command. Any G52 set during the program is removed once the program finishes at an M30, pressing RESET, or pressing POWER OFF.

FANUC Common Coordinate System - The common (Comm) coordinate system is found on the second work coordinate offsets display page just below the global coordinate system (G50). The common coordinate system is retained in memory when power is turned off. The common coordinate system can be changed manually with G10 command or by using macro variables.

YASNAC Work Coordinate Shift - YASNAC controls discuss a work coordinate shift. It serves the same function as the common coordinate system. When Setting 33 is set to YASNAC, it is found on the Work Offsets display page as T00.

YASNAC Machine Coordinate System - The effective coordinates take the value from machine zero coordinates. Machine coordinates can be referenced by specifying G53 with X and Z in a motion block.

YASNAC Tool Offsets - There are two offsets available: Tool Geometry offsets and Tool Wear offsets. Tool Geometry offsets adjusts for different lengths and widths of tools, so that every tool comes to the same reference plane. Tool Geometry offsets are usually done at setup time and remain fixed. Tool Wear offsets allow the operator to make minor adjustments to the geometry offsets to compensate for normal tool wear. Tool Wear offsets are usually zero at the beginning of a production run and may change as time progresses. In a FANUC compatible system, both Tool Geometry and Tool Wear offsets are used in the calculation of the effective coordinate system.

In a YASNAC compatible system, Tool Geometry offsets are not available; they are replaced with tool shift offsets (50 tool shift offsets numbered 51 - 100). YASNAC tool shift offsets modify the global coordinate to allow for varying tool lengths. Tool shift offsets must be used prior to calling for the use of a tool with a G50 Txx00 command. The tool shift offset replaces any previously calculated global shift offset and a G50 command overrides a previously selected tool shift.

G50 YASNAC Tool Shift: [1] Machine (0,0), [2] Spindle centerline .

000101 ;
N1 G51 (Return to machine Zero) ;
N2 G50 T5100 (Offset for Tool 1) ;

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