Eccentric Locating Cam Buttons

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Bolt-on turrets have eccentric locating cam buttons that let you finely align your ID tool holders to the spindle centerline.

Mount the tool holder to the turret and align the tool holder to the spindle in the X-axis. Measure the alignment in the Y-axis. If necessary remove the tool holder and use a narrow tool in the cam button hole, to rotate the eccentric to correct misalignment.

This table gives the result for specific positions of the cam button.

  Rotation (degrees) Result
0 no change
15 0.0018" (0.046 mm)
30 0.0035" (0.089 mm)
45 0.0050" (0.127 mm)
60 0.0060" (0.152 mm)
75 0.0067" (0.170 mm)
90 0.0070" (0.178 mm)

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