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Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

The Online Interactive Operator's Manual is currently available in English only.

A PDF version of the Operator's Manual is available for download in multiple languages. Click the link below to view the Operator's Manual in your language. Click "Continue" to view the online version in English.

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The footer section of the program display shows system messages and other information about the program and current modes. The footer is available in all three display modes.

Footer Section of Program Display

The first field displays prompts (in red text) and other system messages. For example, if a program has been changed and needs to be saved, the message PRESS SEND TO SAVE appears in this field.

The next field displays the current jog handle scroll mode. TKN indicates that the editor is currently scrolling token by token through the program. Continuously jogging through the program will change the scroll mode to LNE, and the cursor will scroll line by line. Continuing to jog through the program will change the scroll mode to PGE, scrolling a page at a time.

The last field indicates which device (HD, USB, NET) on which the active program is saved. This display will be blank when the program is not saved or when the clipboard is being edited.

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