Direct Numerical Control (DNC)

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Direct Numerical Control (DNC) is a way to load a program into the control through the RS-232 port. You can also run the program as the control receives it. Because the control runs the program while it receives the program, there is no limit to the size of the CNC program.

DNC Waiting and Received Program

Recommended RS-232 Settings for DNC

Setting Variable Value
11 Baud Rate Select: 19200
12 Parity Select NONE
13 Stop Bits 1
14 Synchronization XMODEM
37 RS-232 Date Bits 8
caution: You should run DNC with XMODEM or parity enabled. This allows the system to detect transmission errors and stop the machine before it crashes.

The data transmission settings must be the same in the CNC control and the computer. To change the

  1. SETTING/GRAPHIC and scroll to the RS-232 settings (or enter 11 and press the up or down arrow).
  2. Use the UP and DOWN cursor arrows to highlight the variables and the left and right arrows to change the values.
  3. Press ENTER to confirm a selection.
  4. DNC is selected by pressing MDI/DNC twice. DNC needs a minimum of 8k bytes of user memory available. This can be done by going to the List Programs page and checking the amount of free memory on the bottom of the page.
  5. The program sent to the control must begin and end with a %. The data rate selected (Setting 11) for the RS-232 port must be fast enough to keep up with the rate of block execution of the program. If the data rate is too slow, the tool may stop in a cut.
  6. Start sending the program to the control before CYCLE START is pushed. After the message DNC Prog Found shows, Press CYCLE START.

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