Device Manager (List Program)

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You use the device manager (LIST PROGRAM) to access, save, and manage data on the CNC control, and on other devices attached to the control. You also use the device manager to load and transfer programs between devices, set your active program, and back up your machine data.

The device manager (LIST PROGRAM) shows you the available data in a directory structure. At the root of the CNC control are the available memory devices in a tabbed menu. Each device can contain combinations of directories and files, many levels deep. This is similar to the file structure you find in common personal computer operating systems.

In the tabbed menu at the top of the display, the device manager (LIST PROGRAM) shows you only the available memory devices. For example, if you do not have a USB memory device connected to the control pendant, the tabbed menu does not show a USB tab. For more information on navigating tabbed menus, refer to Tabbed Menus.

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