Data Collection Using the RS-232 Port

Classic Control - Mill Operator's Manual

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The control responds to a Q command only when Setting 143 is ON. The control uses this output format:


  • STX (0x02) marks the start of data. This control character is for the remote computer.
  • CSV response is Comma Separated Variables, one or more data variables separated by commas.
  • ETB (0x17) marks the end of the data. This control character is for the remote computer.
  • CR/LF tells the remote computer the data segment is complete and to move to the next line.
  • 0x3E Displays the > prompt.

If the control is busy, it outputs Status, Busy. If a request is not recognized, the control outputs Unknown and a new prompt >. These commands are available:

Remote Q Commands

Command Definition Example
Q100 Machine Serial Number >Q100 SERIAL NUMBER, 3093228
Q101 Control Software Version >Q101 SOFTWARE, VER M18.01
Q102 Machine Model Number >Q102 MODEL, VF2D
Q104 Mode (LIST PROG, MDI, etc.) >Q104 MODE, (MEM)
Q200 Tool Changes (total) >Q200 TOOL CHANGES, 23
Q201 Tool Number in use >Q201 USING TOOL, 1
Q300 Power-on Time (total) >Q300 P.O. TIME, 00027:50:59
Q301 Motion Time (total) >Q301 C.S. TIME, 00003:02:57
Q303 Last Cycle Time >Q303 LAST CYCLE, 000:00:00
Q304 Previous Cycle Time >Q304 PREV CYCLE, 000:00:00
Q402 M30 Parts Counter #1 (resettable at control) >Q402 M30 #1, 553
Q403 M30 Parts Counter #2 (resettable at control) >Q403 M30 #2, 553
Q500 Three-in-one (PROGRAM, Oxxxxx, STATUS, PARTS, xxxxx) >Q500 STATUS, BUSY
Q600 Macro or system variable >Q600 801 MACRO, 801, 333.339996

You can request the contents of any macro or system variable with the Q600 command; for example, Q600 xxxx. This shows the contents of macro variable xxxx on the remote computer. In addition, macro variables #1-33, 100-199, 500-699 (note that variables #550-580 are unavailable if the mill has a probing system), 800-999 and #2001 through #2800 can be written to using an E command, for example, Exxxx yyyyyy.yyyyyy where xxxx is the macro variable and yyyyyy.yyyyyy is the new value.

note: Use this command only when there are no alarms.

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