Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

The Online Interactive Operator's Manual is currently available in English only.

A PDF version of the Operator's Manual is available for download in multiple languages. Click the link below to view the Operator's Manual in your language. Click "Continue" to view the online version in English.

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These are the cutting code blocks in the sample program:

Cutting Code Block Description
G01 Z-0.1 F.01 (Linear feed) ; G01 defines axis movements after it to be in a straight line. Z-0.1 commands the Z Axis to Z = -0.1. G01 requires address code Fnnn.nnnn. F.01 specifies the feedrate for the motion is .0100" (.254 mm)/Rev.
X-0.02 (Linear feed) ; X-0.02 commands the X Axis to X = -0.02.

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