Current Commands

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

The Online Interactive Operator's Manual is currently available in English only.

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This section briefly describes the different Current Commands pages and the types of data they provide. The information from most of these pages also appears in other modes.

To access this display, press CURRENT COMMANDS, then press PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN to cycle through the pages.

Operation Timers and Setup Display - This page shows:

  • The current date and time.
  • The total power on time.
  • Total cycle start time.
  • Total feed time.
  • Two M30 counters. Each time the a program reaches an M30 command, both of these counters increment by one.
  • Two macro variable displays.

These timers and counters appear in the lower right section of the display in the OPERATION:MEM and SETUP:ZERO modes.

Active Codes - This page lists the currently active program codes. A smaller version of this display is included on the OPERATION:MEM mode screen.

Positions - This page shows a larger view of the current machine positions, with all of the position reference points (operator, machine, work, distance to go) on the same screen.

note: You can handle jog the machine axes from this screen if the control is in SETUP:JOG mode.

Tool Life Display - This page shows information that the control uses to predict tool life.

Tool Load Monitor and Display - On this page, you can enter the maximum tool load percentage that is expected for each tool.

Maintenance - On this page, you can activate and deactivate a series of maintenance checks.

Advanced Tool Management - This feature allows you to create and manage tool groups. For more information, refer to the Advanced Tool Management section in the Operation chapter of this manual.

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Danger: Some service procedures can be dangerous or life-threatening. DO NOT attempt a procedure that you do not completely understand. Contact your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) and schedule a service technician visit if you have any doubts about doing a procedure.