Creating Five-Axis Programs

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Most five-axis programs are rather complex and should be written using a CAD/CAM software package. It is necessary to determine the pivot length and gauge length of the machine, and input them into these programs.

Each machine has a specific pivot length. This is the distance from the spindle head’s center of rotation to the bottom surface of the master tool holder that is shipped with a 5-axis machine. The pivot length can be found in Setting 116, and is also engraved into the master tool holder.

Pivot and Gauge Length Diagram: [1] Axis of Rotation, [2] Pivot Length, [3] Gauge Length, [4] Total

When setting up a program, it is necessary to determine gauge length for each tool. Gauge length is the distance from the bottom flange of the tool holder to the tip of the tool. This distance can be calculated:

  1. Set magnetic base indicator on the table.
  2. Indicate the bottom surface of the tool holder.
  3. Set this point as Z0 in the control.
  4. Insert each tool and calculate distance from the tool tip to Z0; this is the gauge length.
  5. The total length is the distance from the spindle head center of rotation to the tip of the tool. It can be calculated by adding the gauge length and pivot length. This number is entered into the CAD/CAM program, which uses the value for its calculations.

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