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Next Generation Control Mill Operator's Manual

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Press INSERT to create a new file in the current directory. The CREATE NEW PROGRAM popup menu shows on the screen:

Create New Program Popup Menu Example: [1] Program O number field, [2] File Name field, [3] File comment field.

Enter the new program information in the fields. The Program O number field is required; the File Name and File comment are optional. Use the UP and DOWN cursors to move between the menu fields.

Press UNDO at any time to cancel program creation.

  • Program O number (required for files created in Memory): Enter a program number up to (5) digits long. The control adds the letter O automatically. If you enter a number shorter than (5) digits, the control adds leading zeros to the program number to make it (5) digits long; for example, if you enter 1, the control adds zeros to make it 00001.
    note: Do not use O09XXX numbers when you create new programs. Macro programs often use numbers in this block, and overwriting them may cause machine functions to malfunction or stop working.
  • File Name (optional): Type a filename for the new program. This is the name the control uses when you copy the program to a storage device other than memory.
  • File comment (optional): Type a descriptive program title. This title goes into the program as a comment in the first line with the O number.

Press ENTER to save your new program. If you specified an O number that exists in the current directory, the control gives the message File with O Number nnnnn already exists. Do you want to replace it? Press ENTER to save the program and overwrite the existing program, press CANCEL to return to the program name popup, or press UNDO to cancel.

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