Conditional Expressions

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In the Haas control, all expressions set a conditional value. The value is either 0.0 (FALSE) or the value is nonzero (TRUE). The context in which the expression is used determines if the expression is a conditional expression. Conditional expressions are used in the IF and WHILE statements and in the M99 command. Conditional expressions can make use of Boolean operators to help evaluate a TRUE or FALSE condition.

The M99 conditional construct is unique to the Haas control. Without macros, M99 in the Haas control has the ability to branch unconditionally to any line in the current subprogram by placing a P code on the same line. For example:

N50 M99 P10 ;
branches to line N10. It does not return control to the calling subprogram. With macros enabled, M99 can be used with a conditional expression to branch conditionally. To branch when variable #10000 is less than 10 we could code the above line as follows:
N50 [#10000 LT 10] M99 P10 ;

In this case, the branch occurs only when #10000 is less than 10, otherwise processing continues with the next program line in sequence. In the above, the conditional M99 can be replaced with

N50 IF [#10000 LT 10] GOTO10 ;

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