Conditional Execution (IF THEN)

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Execution of control statements can also be achieved by using the IF THEN construct. The format is:

IF [] THEN ;
note: To preserve compatibility with FANUC syntax THEN may not be used with GOTOn.

This format is traditionally used for conditional assignment statements such as:

IF [#590 GT 100] THEN #590=0.0 ;

Variable #590 is set to zero when the value of #590 exceeds 100.0. In the Haas control, if a conditional evaluates to FALSE (0.0), then the remainder of the IF block is ignored. This means that control statements can also be conditioned so that we could write something like:

IF [#1 NE #0] THEN G01 X#24 Y#26 F#9 ;

This executes a linear motion only if variable #1 has been assigned a value. Another example is:

IF [#1 GE 180] THEN #101=0.0 M99 ;

This says that if variable #1 (address A) is greater than or equal to 180, then set variable #101 to zero and return from the subroutine.

Here is an example of an IF statement that branches if a variable has been initialized to contain any value. Otherwise, processing continues and an alarm is generated. Remember, when an alarm is generated, program execution is halted.

% N1 IF [#9NE#0] GOTO3 (TEST FOR VALUE IN F) ; N2 #3000=11(NO FEED RATE) ; N3 (CONTINUE) ; %

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