Computed Branch (GOTO#n and GOTO [expression])

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Computed branching allows the program to transfer control to another line of code in the same subprogram. The control can compute the block while the program runs, using the GOTO [expression] form, or it can pass the block in through a local variable, as in the GOTO#n form.

The GOTO rounds the variable or expression result that is associated with the Computed branch. For instance, if variable #1 contains 4.49 and the program contains a GOTO#1 command, the control attempts to transfer to a block that contains N4. If #1 contains 4.5, then the control transfers to a block that contains N5.

Example: You could develop this code skeleton into a program that adds serial numbers to parts:

% O50002 (COMPUTED BRANCHING) ; (D=Decimal digit to engrave) ; ; IF [[#7 NE #0] AND [#7 GE 0] AND [#7 LE 9]] GOTO99 ; #3000=1 (Invalid digit) ; ; N99; #7=FIX[#7] (Truncate any fractional part) ; ; GOTO#7 (Now engrave the digit) ; ; N0 (Do digit zero) ; M99 ; ; N1 (Do digit one) ; ; M99 ; %

With the above subroutine, you would use this call to engrave the fifth digit:

G65 P9200 D5 ;

Computed GOTOs using expression could be used to branch processing based on the results of reading hardware inputs. For example:

% GOTO [[#1030*2]+#1031] ; NO(1030=0, 1031=0) ; ...M99 ; N1(1030=0, 1031=1) ; ...M99 ; N2(1030=1, 1031=0) ; ...M99 ; N3(1030=1, 1031=1) ; ...M99 ; %

#1030 and #1031.

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