Classic Haas Control (CHC) - Tool Load Display and Setup - Mill

Tool Load Display - Mill

The Tool Load Display lets you set a spindle load limit for your tools. You can also choose the action the machine takes when the a tool exceeds its spindle load limit. 

Press CURRENT COMMANDS and then use PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN until you see the Tool Load Display.

Setting Tool Load Limits - Mill

  1. LOAD MAX%
  3. Overload Action:

The Tool Load Display window lets you set the tool load limits.

The LOAD MAX% column displays the maximum tool load percentage that each tool has reached since it was reset. To start monitoring a new tool, press ORIGIN to change the value to zero.

The LOAD LIMIT% column is the maximum allowable spindle load limit percentage during a machining cycle. To change this limit, highlight the row that corresponds with the tool number and set it to the desired value. The control references these values and can be set to perform a specific action should the limitations be reached. Setting 84 designates the control response.

Setting 84 - Tool Overload Action - Mill

When a tool becomes overloaded, Setting 84 specifies the control response:

  1. ALARM causes the machine to stop.
  2. FEEDHOLD displays the message Tool Overload and the machine stops in a feed hold status. Press any key to clear the message.
  3. BEEP causes an audible noise (beep) from the control.
  4. AUTOFEED causes the control to automatically limit the feedrate based on the tool load. (Refer to your Operator's Manual for more information on Setting 84 and warnings about the Auto-feed fuction)

Tool Load Example - Mill

In this example, set tool 1 to a LOAD LIMIT% of 125% [1] and select FEEDHOLD [2] for Setting 84 Tool Overload Action. If the tool reaches or exceeds 125% when you run a program, the machine goes into a feed hold state. This prevents damage to the tool and, possibly, the machine.

View Tool Load from “Active Tool” Display - Mill

You can see the tool load in the ACTIVE TOOL display. Press PROGRAM to see information about the current tool in the spindle. This display includes the maximum tool load the tool has seen, the percentage of tool life remaining (if using Tool Life or Advanced Tool Management), and the type of tool (if specified).

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