Classic Haas Control (CHC) - Tool Life Display and Setup - Mill

Tool Life Display - Mill

The Tool Life Display shows information that the control uses to predict tool life. This feature allows you to set tool usage limits for each tool that will alert your operator when a tool's life has expired.  

To get started press CURRENT COMMANDS, and then PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN until you see the Tool Life display.

  1. Tool number
  2. Total Time that the tool has been in the spindle
  3. Feed Time, total time that the tool has been in feed
  4. Usage, number of times the tool has been put into the spindle
  5. Alarm at this number of tool changes
  6. Life, percentage of tool changes left
  7. Tool Type
  8. Tool Management, the group number and tools in the group
  9. Tool Information, from the tool offset information

Not to be confused with Advanced Tool Management (ATM), the Tool Life Display lets you set and monitor usage counts on a specific tool as opposed to an entire group of tools in ATM.

The machine generates an alarm when the tool’s usage reaches the user-defined value in the “Alarm” column.

  1. Active Alarms: 362 TOOL LIFE LIMIT REACHED
  2. Active Tool: Life Percentage reached and percentage is shown in green
  3. Alarm Display in red: 362 TOOL LIFE LIMIT REACHED

Set Up a New Tool Life - Mill

The Tool Life Display window lets you specify the tool life for a new tool. To begin, clear the counters in the row that corresponds to the new tool number [1]. Highlight the row values and press ORIGIN.

Highlight the Alarm value that corresponds with the new tool number and set it to the desired value [2]. This value represents the number of times the tool is loaded into the spindle before the tool is considered to be worn out. The control generates an alarm when the tool reaches this limit.

Setting 240 - Tool Life Warning - Mill

Setting 240 stores the percentage of remaining tool life at which to generate a tool life warning. Tools with remaining life below Setting 240 appear with an orange background [1] in the Tool Life Display window Life column and the beacon light flashes yellow. This warning alerts you to prepare a backup tool while the machine is running before it alarms out due to an expired tool.

The orange background warning also appears as LIFE in the ACTIVE TOOL window in Advanced Tool Management. Press PROGRAM for the Active Program display.

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