Circular Interpolation Motion

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G02 and G03 are the G-codes for circular cutting motions. Circular Interpolation Motion has several optional address codes to define the arc or circle. The arc or circle begins cutting from the current cutter position [1] to the geometry specified within the G02/ G03 command.

Arcs can be defined using two different methods. The preferred method is to define the center of the arc or circle with I, J and/or K and to define the end point [3] of the arc with an X, Y and/or Z. The I J K values define the relative X Y Z distances from the starting point [2] to the center of the circle. The X Y Z values define the absolute X Y Z distances from the starting point to the end point of the arc within the current coordinate system. This is also the only method to cut a circle. Defining only the I J K values and not defining the end point X Y Z values will cut a circle.

The other method to cut an arc is to define the X Y Z values for the end point and to define the radius of the circle with an R value.

Below are examples of using the two different methods to cut a 2" (or 2 mm) radius, 180 degree, counter-clockwise arc. The tool starts at X0 Y0 [1], moves to the starting point of the arc [2], and cuts the arc to the end point [3]:

Arc Cutting Example

Method 1:

% T01 M06 ; ... G00 X4. Y2. ; G01 F20.0 Z-0.1 ; G03 F20.0 I-2.0 J0. X0. Y2. ; ... M30 ; %

Method 2:

% T01 M06 ; ... G00 X4. Y2. ; G01 F20.0 Z-0.1 ; G03 F20.0 X0. Y2. R2. ; ...M30 ; %

Below is an example of how to cut a 2" (or 2 mm) radius circle:

% T01 M06 ; ... G00 X4. Y2. ; G01 F20.0 Z-0.1 ; G02 F20.0 I2.0 J0. ; ... M30 ; %

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