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This feature determines points of intersection between two circles or points. You provide the location of two circles and their radii. The control calculates the intersection points that are formed by lines tangent to both circles.

note: For every input condition (two disjointed circles), there are up to eight intersection points. Four points are from drawing straight tangents and four points by forming cross tangents.
  1. Use the UP and DOWN cursor arrows to highlight the data field for the value you want to enter.
  2. Type the value and press ENTER.

    After you enter the required values, the control displays the tangent coordinates and associated straight type diagram.

  3. Press F1 to toggle between straight and cross tangent results.
  4. Press F and the control prompts for the From and To points (A, B, C, etc.) that specify a segment of the diagram. If the segment is an arc, the control will also prompt for C or W (CW or CCW). To quickly change segment selection, press T to make the previous To point become the new From point and the control prompts for a new To point.

    The Input Bar displays the G code for the segment. Solution is in G90 mode. Press M to toggle to G91 mode.

  5. Press MDI DNC or EDIT and press INSERT to enter the G-code from the Input Bar.

Calculator Circle-Circle-Tangent Type: Straight Example

This example creates this G-code on the input line. From: A To: C generates:

G01 X-4.346 Y-3.7565

Calculator Circle-Circle-Tangent Type: Cross Example

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