Approach and Departure Moves For TNC

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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The first X or Z motion in the same line that contains a G41 or G42 is called the Approach move. The approach must be a linear move, that is a G01 or G00. The first move is not compensated, yet at the end of the approach move the machine position is fully compensated. See the following figure.

TNC Approach and Depart Moves: [1] Compensated Path, [2] Programmed path.

Any line of code with a G40 cancels tool nose compensation and is called the Departure move. The departure must be a linear move, that is a G01 or G00. The start of a departure move is fully compensated; the position at this point is at a right angle to the last programmed block. At the end of the departure move the machine position is not compensated. See the previous figure.

The following figure shows the condition just prior to canceling tool nose compensation. Some geometries result in over or undercutting of the part. This is controlled by including an I and K address code in the G40 cancellation block. The I and K in a G40 block define a vector that is used to determine the compensated target position of the previous block. The vector is usually aligned with an edge or wall of the completed part. The following figure shows how I and K correct undesired cutting in a departure move.

TNC Use of I and K in G40 Block: [1] Overcut.

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