Advanced Tool Management Macros

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Tool Management can use macros to obsolete a tool within a tool group. Macros 8001 to 8200 represent tools 1 through 200. You can set one of these macros to 1 to expire a tool. For example:

8001 = 1 (this will expire tool 1 and it will no longer be used)

8001 = 0 (if tool 1 was expired manually or with a macro, then setting macro 8001 to 0 will make tool 1 available again for use)

Macro variables 8500-8515 enable a G- code program to get information about a tool group. If you specify a tool group ID number with macro 8500, the control returns the tool group information in macro variables #8501 through #8515.

Refer to the variables #8500-#8515 in the Macros section for information about macro variable data labels.

Macro variables #8550-#8564 enable a G-code program to get information about individual tools. When you specify an individual tool ID number with macro #8550, the control returns the individual tool information in macro variables #8551-#8564.

Additionally, a user can specify an ATM group number using macro 8550. In this case, the control will return the individual tool information for the current tool in the specified ATM tool group using macro variables 8551-8564. See the description for variables #8550-#8564 in the Macros chapter. The values in these macros provide data that is also accessible from macros starting at 1601, 1801, 2001, 2201, 2401, 2601, 3201, and 3401 and for macros starting at 5401, 5501, 5601, 5701, 5801, and 5901. These first 8 sets provide access for tool data for tools 1-200; the last 6 sets provide data for tools 1-100. Macros 8551-8564 provide access to the same data, but for tools 1-200 for all data items.

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