About G-codes

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About G-codes

G-codes tell the machine tool what type of action to do, such as:

  • Rapid moves
  • Move in a straight line or arc
  • Set tool information
  • Use letter addressing
  • Define axis and beginning and ending positions
  • Pre-set series of moves that bore a hole, cut a specific dimension, or a contour (canned cycles)

G-code commands are either modal or non-modal. A modal G-code stays in effect until the end of the program or until you command another G-code from the same group. A non-modal G-code affects only the line it is in; it does not affect the next program line. Group 00 codes are non-modal; the other groups are modal.

For a description of basic programming, refer to the basic programming section of the Programming chapter, starting on page Basic Programming.

note: The Intuitive Programming System (IPS) is an optional programming mode that lets you program part features without G-code.
note: A program block can contain more than one G-code, but you cannot put two G-codes from the same group in the same program block.

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