#8550-#8567 Advanced Tool Management Tooling

Next Generation Control Mill Operator's Manual

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These variables give information on tooling. Set variable #8550 to the tool group number, then access information for the selected tool with the read-only macros #8551-#8567.

note: Macro variables #1601-#2800 give access to the same data for individual tools as #8550-#8567 give for Tool Group tools.
#8550 Individual tool ID
#8551 Number of Flutes on tool
#8552 Maximum recorded vibration
#8553 Tool length offset
#8554 Tool length wear
#8555 Tool diameter offset
#8556 Tool diameter wear
#8557 Actual diameter
#8558 Programmable coolant position
#8559 Tool feed timer (seconds)
#8560 Total tool timers (seconds)
#8561 Tool life monitor limit
#8562 Tool life monitor counter
#8563 Tool load monitor maximum load sensed so far
#8564 Tool load monitor limit

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