84 - Tool Overload Action

Classic Control - Mill Operator's Manual

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  • ALARM causes the machine to stop.

  • FEEDHOLD displays the message Tool Overload and the machine stops in a feedhold situation. Press any key to clear the message.

  • BEEP causes an audible noise (beep) from the control.

  • AUTOFEED causes the control to automatically limit the feedrate based on the tool load.

note: When tapping (rigid or floating), the feed and spindle overrides are locked out, so the AUTOFEED setting is ineffective (the control appears to respond to the override buttons, by displaying the override messages).
caution: Do not use the AUTOFEED setting when thread milling or auto reversing tapping heads, as it can cause unpredictable results or even a crash.

The last commanded feedrate is restored at the end of program execution, or when the operator presses RESET or turns OFF the AUTOFEED setting. The operator can use FEEDRATE OVERRIDE while the AUTOFEED setting is selected. These keys are recognized by the AUTOFEED setting as the new commanded feedrate as long as the tool load limit is not exceeded. However, if the tool load limit has already been exceeded, the control ignores FEEDRATE OVERRIDE.

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