36 - Program Restart

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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When this setting is ON, restarting a program from a point other than the beginning directs the control to scan the entire program to make sure that the tools, offsets, G and M codes, and axis positions are set correctly before the program starts at the block where the cursor is positioned. The control processes these M codes when Setting 36 is enabled:

M08 Coolant On M37 Parts Catcher Off
M09 Coolant Off M41 Low Gear
M14 Clmp Main Spndl M42 High Gear
M15 Unclmp Main Spndl M51-M58 Set User M
M36 Parts Catcher On M61-M68 Clear User M

When Setting 36 is OFF the control starts the program, but it does not check the conditions of the machine. Having this setting OFF may save time when running a proven program.

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