162 - Default To Float

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162 - Default To Float

When this setting is ON, the control adds a decimal point to values entered without a decimal point for certain address codes. When the setting is OFF, values after address codes that do not include decimal points are taken as machinist's notation; for example, thousandths or ten-thousandths.

  Value entered With Setting Off With Setting On
In Inch mode X-2 X-.0002 X-2.
In MM mode X-2 X-.002 X-2.

This feature applies to these address codes:

X, Y, Z, A, B, C, E, F, I, J, K, U, W

Including A, D, and R except when:

  • the A value (tool angle) is in a G76 block. If a G76 A value containing a decimal point is found during program execution, Alarm 605 - Invalid Tool Nose Angle is generated.

  • the D value is in a G73 block.

  • the R value is in a G71 block in YASNAC mode.

note: This setting affects the interpretation of all programs entered manually, from disk, or via RS-232. It does not alter the effect of Setting 77 - Scale Integer F.

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