14 - Synchronization

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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This setting changes the synchronization protocol between sender and receiver for the RS-232 Serial Port. This setting must match the synchronization protocol from the personal computer.

When set to RTS/CTS, the signal wires in the serial data cable are used to tell the sender to temporarily stop sending data while the receiver catches up.

When set to XON/XOFF, the most common setting, ASCII character codes are used by the receiver to tell the sender to temporarily stop.

The selection DC CODES is like XON/XOFF, except that paper tape punch or reader start/stop codes are sent.

XMODEM is a receiver-driven communications protocol that sends data in blocks of 128 bytes. XMODEM has added reliability as each block is checked for integrity. XMODEM must use 8 data bits and no parity.

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