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Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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When Type 1 is specified, the X-Axis tool path does not reverse during a cut. Each roughing-pass X-axis location is determined by applying the value specified in D to the current X location. The nature of the movement along the Z clearance plane for each roughing pass is determined by the G code in block P. If block P contains a G00 code, then movement along the Z clearance plane is a rapid mode. If block P contains a G01 then movement will be at the G71 feedrate.

Each roughing pass is stopped before it intersects the programmed tool path allowing for both roughing and finishing allowances. The tool is then retracted from the material, at a 45 degree angle by the distance specified in setting 73. The tool then moves in rapid mode to the Z-axis clearance plane.

When roughing is completed the tool is moved along the tool path to clean up the rough cut. If I and K are specified, an additional rough cut parallel to the tool path is performed.

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