Remote Jog Handle

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The Remote Jog Handle (RJH) is an optional accessory that gives you hand-held access to the control for faster and easier setups.

Remote Jog Handle [1] Function Keys, [2] Cycle Start Key, [3] Cursor Keys, [4] Feed Hold Key, [5] Screen, [6] Holster, [7] Shuttle Jog Knob, [8] Pulse Jog Knob, [9] Axis Select Knob

This illustration shows these components:

  1. Function Soft Keys. These keys have different functions in different modes. The current label appears on the screen above each key. Press the key that corresponds to the function you want to use.
  2. Cycle Start. Has the same function as CYCLE START on the control pendant.
  3. Cursor Arrow Keys. Use these keys to navigate menus and choose jog rates.
  4. Feed Hold. Has the same function as FEED HOLD on the control pendant.
  5. Color LCD display.
  6. Holster. To activate the RJH, lift it out of the holster. To deactivate the RJH, put it back into the holster.
  7. Shuttle Jog Knob. This spring-loaded knob returns to center when you let it go. The farther from center you move the knob, the faster the selected axis moves.
  8. Pulse Jog Knob. This knob works like the jog handle on the control pendant. Each click of the knob moves the selected axis one unit of the selected jog rate.
  9. Axis Selector Knob. This knob selects the axis to jog. Each position of the knob selects a different axis. Move the knob all the way to the right to access the auxiliary menu.

Most RJH functions are available in Handle Jog mode. In other modes, the RJH screen displays information about the active or MDI program.

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