Next Generation Control - Net Share - Remote

A Remote Net Share connection gives the control access to a folder on the computer that is on the network. This procedure shows you how to create a shared folder and connect this folder to the machine. The examples in this procedure are shown on the Windows 10 operating system. You can do this procedure on Windows XP or Windows 7.

Step 1

Click on the search bar at the bottom left of the screen.

Type sharing in the search bar.

Click on Manage advanced sharing settings [1].

Step 2

If the All Networks prompt [1] does not appear on this screen, skip this step and press Cancel.

Click on the arrow from the All Networks prompt [1] to expand the list of network settings.

Select Turn off password protected sharing [2].

Click on Save Changes [3].

note: Your computer may ask you to log out and log in for the changes to take effect.

If the All Networks prompt [1] or the Turn off password protected sharing prompt [2] does not appear on this screen, skip this step.

Step 3

Choose the folder that you want to share. This example uses the folder "NGCSimulator." Be sure the name of the folder does not have any spaces.

Right click on the folder and select Properties [1].

Step 4

In the properties screen, select Sharing [1].

Click Advance Sharing [2].

Step 5

Click on the box next to Share this folder [1]. Be sure the check mark appears.

Click Permissions [2].

Step 6

Go to the Allow [2] column. Click on the box [3] next to Full Control [1]. Be sure the check mark appears.

Click Apply [5].

Click Okay [4].

Step 7

In the properties screen, click Share [1].

Step 8

Click the arrow [2] and select Everyone [1].

Click Add [3].

Click the arrow next to Read.

Change the permission to Read/Write [4].

Click Share [5].

Step 9

Make sure Remote Net Share Enabled [1] is set to On.

Enter all the necessary information for a remote connection:

  • Remote Server Name: Remote network name or IP address of the computer that has the shared folder.
  • Remote Share Path: Name of the shared folder on the network.
    note: Do not use spaces in the shared folder name. The full path of the shared folder is not necessary. Only enter the name of the shared folder. Do not use forward slashes.
  • Remote User Name: The user name used to log in to the computer. The user name is case-sensitive and cannot contain spaces.
  • Remote Password: The password used to log in to the computer. The password is case-sensitive.

Push F4 to apply changes.

Step 10

Open the shared folder on the computer. This example shows a folder named NGCSimulator [1].

The files [2] in the NGCSimulator [1] folder are the same files [4] that are in the Net Share [3] directory on the control.

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