Next Generation Control - Net Share - Local

A Local Net Share connection gives computers on the network access to the control's User Data directory.

Step 1

Make sure Local Net Share Enabled [1] is set to On.

Make sure you enter a Local Password [2].

note: Use this password on the computer to access the User Data directory.

Push F4 to apply changes.

Step 2

Get the IP Address [1] of the connection.

This is in the Wired Connection tab or Wireless Connection tab.

Step 3

On a computer on the network, use the Start menu to open a Run [1] command.

Enter the IP Address from the machine in the format shown [2]. Select OK [3].

The Windows Security prompt shows.

Type haas [4] for the user name.

Type your Local Password [5].

Select OK [6].

Step 4

A folder named User Data [1] opens.

The files [2] in the User Data [1] folder are the same files [4] that are in the User Data [3] directory on the control.

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