Dry Run Operation

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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caution: The machine executes all motions exactly as programmed. Do not use a work piece in the machine while dry run is operating.

The Dry Run function is used to check a program quickly without actually cutting parts. To select Dry Run:

  1. While in MEM or MDI mode, press DRY RUN.

    When in Dry Run, all rapids and feeds are run at the speed selected with the jog speed buttons.

  2. Dry Run can only be turned on or off when a program has finished or RESET is pressed. Dry Run makes all of the commanded X Y Z moves and requested tool changes. The override keys can be used to adjust the Spindle speeds.
    note: Graphics mode is just as useful and may be safer as it does not move the axes of the machine before the program is checked.

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