Boring and Reaming Cycles

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There are (5) boring canned cycles. All boring canned cycles can be looped in G91, Incremental Programming mode.

  • The G85 Boring Canned Cycle is the basic boring cycle. It will bore down to the desired height and return to the specified height.
  • The G86 Bore and Stop Canned Cycle is the same as the G85 Boring Canned Cycle except that the spindle will stop at the bottom of the hole before returning to the specified height.
  • The G89 Bore In, Dwell, Bore Out Canned Cycle is the same as G85 except that there is a dwell at the bottom of the hole, and the hole continues to be bored at the specified feed rate as the tool returns to the specified position. This differs from other boring canned cycles where the tool either moves in Rapid Motion or hand jog to return to the return position.
  • The G76 Fine Boring Canned Cycle bores the hole to the specified depth and after boring the hole, moves to clear the tool from hole before retracting.
  • The G77 Back Bore Canned Cycle works similar to G76 except that before beginning to bore the hole, it moves the tool to clear the hole, moves down into the hole, and bores to the specified depth.

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