Alpha Keys

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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Use the alpha keys to type the letters of the alphabet, along with some special characters (printed in yellow on the main key). Press SHIFT to enter the special characters.

List of Alpha Keys and How They Operate

Name Key Function
Alphabet A-Z Uppercase letters are the default. Press SHIFT and a letter key for lowercase.
End-of-block (EOB) ; This is the end-of-block character, which signifies the end of a program line.
Parentheses (, ) Separate CNC program commands from user comments. They must always be entered as a pair.
Shift SHIFT Accesses additional characters on the keyboard, or shifts to lower case alpha characters. The additional characters are seen in the upper left of some of the alpha and number keys.
Special Characters Press SHIFT, then an alpha key Inserts the yellow character on the upper-left of the key. These characters are used for comments, macros, and certain special features.
  SHIFT, then ; Inserts /
  SHIFT, then ( Inserts [
  SHIFT, then ) Inserts ]

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